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Early cancer diagnosis (cancer screening)
From the age of 20, women have entitlement to an annual cancer screening. It is on your own responsibility to use this offer. The examination includes a cancer smear test of the cervix and the palpation of the inner genitals. From the age of 30, the breast is examinated additionally. With the age of 50, an examination of the intestine is added. Cancer screenings are indispensable basic examinations and should absolutely be performed. Complementary examinations can improve the reliability of the screening.
We offer our patients further examinations like breast ultrasound scans depending on age and personal risk. The early detection of breast cancer is, as with all malignant changes of body tissue, critical for a prognosis and the disease course. Therefore we advise women at the age of 30 to supplement the breast screening with an ultrasound scan. Almost all early detected knots can be cured completely. An ultrasound breast scan can be applied at any age in principle. It is especially effective for premenopausal women, because the mammary gland tissue can be too thick to be evaluated in a mammography. But some knots can only be detected by an ultrasound scan even after the menopause.