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Holistic healthy
In our office at the Wittenbergplatz, we offer our patients a holistic care and modern medicine from one hand. As an alternative to orthodox medicine, we additionally use advantages of the often milder natural therapies.

The main focusses of our job are antenatal care, cancer screening and cancer aftercare. According to the age, we perform the legally required preventive examinations and offer complementary examinations (ultrasound scan of the breast or internals genitals). We educate especially our younger patients about possibilites to get diseases (cervical cancer through viral infection) and avoidance strategies (HPV vaccination). In addition, we propose self examinations on the breast. Unfortunately it is not always possible to prevent cancer. Though a tumor should be diagnosed as early as possible. For this, regular preventive examinations are as important as a fast diagnosis and therapy initiation. We gynecologists completed many years of clinical education and are familiar with diagnostics and therapy of cancer, as well as the aftercare in connection with surgical therapies. Moreover, we work in close cooperation with Berlins best clinics.

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